Indigenous Art of the Americas (Level 2)


This suite of galleries comprises the North American Art Gallery, the Mesoamerican Art Gallery, and the Central American and South American Art Gallery. The goal of this suite is to provide a more holistic presentation of artwork from throughout the Americas. While each cultural area should be respected and understood on its own terms, this broader view demonstrates how for thousands of years people have moved over vast distances and exchanged goods and ideas. The galleries display artwork from 3000 BCE all the way to 2023 CE.

Each of the galleries takes a different approach. The North American Art Gallery has groupings centered around contemporary artists working in unique ways within particular mediums, combining their various interests and passions. The Mesoamerican Art Gallery is designed to facilitate multiple levels of conversation, with groupings dedicated to different cultures around the perimeter of the space, and narrative groupings that discuss enduring themes throughout the region in the center of the space. The Central American and South American Art Gallery relies on geographic as well as narrative groupings and includes a sixteen-foot-high textile wall.

Exceptional works by contemporary artists including Jamie Okuma, Jason Wesaw, Dana Warrington, Margaret Tafoya, Christine Rapp-Morseau, Virgil Ortiz, and David Ocelotl Garcia are represented. Video interviews featuring these artists are accessible via QR codes placed throughout the galleries.